Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Fantastic performance from everyone! Not just riders but everyone involved with the RaceTeam! Great equipment - Great Team.
Small quality Team in 2010. Team didn't win the 2010 National Team Championship...but winning 3 out of the last 5 years ain't bad!

Annual Awards 'AA' ('AlansAwards') for 2010 are...
The DOTYs...(Disappointment/s of the Year)...Warren and Luke retiring.
The ROTY....(Race of the Year)...Jenny's win at National #9 Gosport.
The JOTY....(Jumper/Joker of the Year)...Brad for wearing a Milton Keynes
Recycling bag to keep him dry...and jumping the highest of any TeamRider!
The COTY....(Crash of the Year)...Izzy going for the move at the BRITS.
The NOTY....(Newcomer of the Year)...Jordan. Awesome addition to the Team.
The IOTY...(Injury of the Year)...has to be Bradley's elbow. Brave. Respect.
The POTY...(Parents of the Year)...Bob, Alex, Tony and Steve. Well done!
The SOTY...(Sponsor of the Year)...AlansBMX and EVERYONE who has helped!

Izzy, Brad, Jordan and Jenny thank you. Thanks guys and gals!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The Team has just returned from the BRITS at Cheddar with a haul of trophies from both the National Series and the Champs themselves.
For the first time, we do not have a National Champion, but Jordan and Jenny were 2nd in their Championship Finals. Bradley was 3rd on Cruiser and 4th on 20in. Izzy mirrored her 7th place in the Championship National Series with another 7th in her final.
With such a small Team in 2010 following rider retirements and injuries, the Team has done Alan proud (it's his birthday today!!!). All the riders thank Alan and the Team at Wigan together with all the sponsors for their help in 2010. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


All in the AlansBMX RaceTeam knew Jenny would win in 2010...we just didn't know when!
National #9 at Gosport sorted that. Then on the Sunday in National #10, Jenny just missed the win in a photo finish. Watch out. Jenny is back!

AlansBMX riders back from injury? Brad (broken elbow)...Jordan (broken wrist)...4th and 2nd in their Finals. Izzy in Championship, 5th on Saturday and 7th on Sunday (after a crash). Still only 14 and racing against World #1 and #3 riders in her final! We have become a small Team...but all riders are the BEST.

Have a look at the British Cycling video of the event as one of our TeamRiders is interviewed.

Picture is of our three TeamManagers...not sure who is the boss, but Bob should be sacked for not wearing a TeamShirt. Mind you, he has been looking after an impatient son who just wanted to get on his bike!

No ARoD this National.'s ARoW (AlansRider of the Weekend). Only one winner

Sunday, August 01, 2010

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Seen at the European Championships were these top secret BMX bikes for the 2011 season. There is no truth in the rumour that Alan is considering these for the RaceTeam in 2011. The idea of mixing 20'' and 24'' Cruiser wheels is original although the rise of the bars seems excessive. The map table could be useful when learning new tracks. The white cover over the rear wheel also looks useful to stop flared trousers and skirts getting tangled up.

The other picture shows the bikes on the gate...but they seem to be short of riders!

When is AlansBMX going to have supplies of these?


TeamRider Izzy has just returned from the European BMX Championships held in Sandnes, Norway. An amazing track! It was built in 4 days in a car park in the centre of town. On the same day as the final race, it was due to be dismantled!
There was also no admission charge and Izzy could walk to the track from the Hotel!
Izzy was riding with the British Cycling Team GB raceshirt.

Izzy started well with 3rd in her 1st Moto, but a crash on the cobbled 1st berm (yes, cobbles!!!) in the 2nd dropped her down in the points and she just missed out on the Final. Understatement to say that Izzy was disappointed, particularly after 4th place in 'Championship' at Manchester a few days before.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


AlansBMX Race Team seems to be getting smaller! Just when Bradley is ready to race again....Jordan goes and breaks his wrist. Alan and all at Wigan + all in BMX wish Jordan a speedy recovery. Have a thought for Tony and Tania dealing with a restless kid! Real pity as Jordan had just had his first 2010 Final win. Racing, eh!

Izzy had big crashes in the Motos and the Final in Championship on Saturday. 'Jizzy' made up for it with 4th in the Final on Sunday, beating riders who have already won Nationals this year! Izzy says she is ready for Norway....

Bradley decided to race only 20'' on Sunday as his elbow is not really healed...and hurt like hell! All riders rode to 4th places in their Finals. Well done all!

Pictures show the TeamResultsBoard on Saturday and Jenny keeping it updated.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


AlansBMX TeamRider has entered the European Championships to be held in Sandnes, Norway next month. Although yet to be confirmed by British Cycling, Izzy may be the only 14 yr old girl to represent GB at this event.


A great team performance from our three #1 riders at the Braintree Nationals. Highlight of the weekend was Jordan's win in 13 yr old boys. Definitely gets the 'ARoD' (Alans Rider of the Day Award)!

Jenny rode strongly all weekend, always in the top 3 and beating the current Series
leader in one of her motos. Confidence is building.

Izzy borrowed Bradley's 175 DXR cranks for the weekend. Izzy missed out on the Main on Saturday, but an extra tooth on her Renthall made her fly on the Sunday, with 7th place in the Championship Main. Thanks to Alan for sending new cranks so promptly to Izzy this week.

Bradley was at the meeting, still recovering from his Derby crash. He hopes to be racing at the Manchester Nationals. Bob had better fit the cranks then!

The new Team 'Ten Commandments', or rules, seem to be having an effect. Note all race bikes in front of the Tent all facing out! Alex forgot to bring the 'RacerTable'
to Braintree so the riders are forgiven for leaving their kit lying around. No Weetabix for Alex tomorrow.

AlansBMX is a popular Team. After the racing at Nationals, the AlansBMX Youth Club always seems to convene in the Tent. You can see the sidescreens have already been taken down, but do the riders notice, move or even care!!!!! Kids, eh! Interesting that the riders that call in are all top #1 riders. Even our visitors are #1.

Roll on Manchester!